Krissie (eissirk) wrote in oustudents,

I'm sure people are noticing that OU hates snow days.

"OU Students against the apparent prohibition of snow days"
I think this about sums it up. I'm sure you guys are noticing that OU pretty much hates all of us commuters and doesn't give a damn about our safety during our commutes. With this group I hope to get more people to actively express their concerns as well. Join!
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I know! it's a necessary evil...why won't they ever give us a break?
i'm kinda against joining facebook... or perhaps it's just that I really don't care to join another social network... but I completely agree that OU likes to rape us commuters when it comes to snow days.. I actually got into an accident 3 weeks ago right outside campus heading into La Shish..
Let me know if there is any other way I can help the cause.
yeah actually there's going to be an article in the upcoming oakland post, so at least more people will be aware of how OU hates much us.