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Selling a ton of books!

Hey everyone,

I'm finally trying to unload the big load of textbooks that I've been holding onto forever, for some reason. I guess I was lazy about it before...but now I'm broke, so things have changed! I have books from HST 102, WS 200, IS 270, ECN 201, PS 115, PS 314, EED 310, THA 100, PSY 100, PHY 106, GEO 200, IST 396, and RDG 333. (I know...I should just become an Ebay top seller.)

Because I've just posted all of the book info in two other places, and it took forever...I'll direct you to one of those two places. These are great places to remember for OU students to buy and sell textbooks!

Facebook Group: Oakland Students! Buy and Sell your textbooks here!

OUSC Bookswap

If you have any questions, you can email me at Thanks!
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